The best Apple commercials under Steve Jobs

Apple’s Steve Jobs died a year ago today, which is a good day as any to remember how clever he was with marketing his products.

We’re particularly reminded of how savvy he was with marketing after watching Facebook’s latest “chair” commercial, which is drawing a lot of “dislikes” from critics.

Under Jobs, Apple had many memorable commercials, including some that became iconic. Apple remembered its late co-founder with a tribute video on its website Friday morning that calls to mind one of Apple’s best ads: the “Think Different” commercial.

“Think Different” didn’t show a single Apple product or promote anything people could buy. The ad simply marked the start of a new era for the company.


Jobs and Apple made it look so simple, but as Facebook just found out, that’s not very simple to achieve.

To commemorate reaching 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook ran its first ad Thursday, but it’s been getting panned. The ad compares Facebook to chairs and comes off as silly rather than humble or significant, which is what the social network wanted.

So here’s a gallery of some of the best commercials and ad campaigns by Apple under Jobs. Perhaps Facebook can take note.

Gallery: Apple’s best commercials under Jobs



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