Gas pumps reopen at eight more Southern California Costco stations

Eight more Costco gas stations, in Alhambra, Azusa, Culver City, Fontana, La Quinta, Laguna Niguel and Northridge, were back in business Saturday with fresh supplies of gasoline, a company executive confirmed.

“They are all open again,” said Jeff Cole, vice president for gasoline for Costco in the U.S.

The eight were among 15 Costco gas stations between southern Orange County and Bakersfield that shut down on Thursday as wholesale gasoline prices soared to record levels.

The wholesale price is the cost of fuel before various federal, state and local taxes are added. Wholesale prices peaked on Thursday at $4.39 a gallon.


On Saturday, the average retail price of a gallon of regular gasoline in California broke a more than three-year-old record, reaching $4.614 a gallon.

The other seven Costco stations that had closed had already returned to service by Friday evening. Costco has more detailed customer information at its its website.

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