Twitter updates TweetDeck with new look

Twitter announced a TweetDeck redesign Wednesday that gives the app for reading and organizing tweets a look more closely resembling the rest of the microblogging service.

The redesign is TweetDeck’s first major aesthetic change since being acquired by Twitter early last year.

Twitter said it has made TweetDeck’s dark layout cleaner and clearer while also adding a second, lighter theme to the service, which is more in line with Twitter’s look.

The light theme uses a white background with Twitter’s traditional blue throughout. You can see the light theme in the picture above.


Users can easily toggle between the two themes by pressing a button at the top left of the app.

Additionally, Twitter said users will now be able to change the size of TweetDeck’s font. To adjust the size, go into your settings and click the “General” tab.

Whether or not users like the new look remains to be seen, but instant reaction seems to be 50-50.

wow the new tweetdeck sucks i hate change i’m going home— Anime Aficionado (@TheBalloonicorn) October 10, 2012


Really liking the new Tweetdeck update! Looks sharp.— Ricky Matthews (@Airshow4444) October 10, 2012


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