How to turn off annoying iOS notifications on your iPhone, iPad

Tired and annoyed by all the alerts and red notification circles that keep appearing on your iPhone or iPad?

Fortunately, you can easily turn them off or adjust them so they don’t appear as often.

Do Not DisturbA new feature on iOS 6 called Do Not Disturb lets you turn them off temporarily.

It also shuts off text message alerts and phone calls when your device is locked unless a person calls you twice within three minutes, just in case it’s an emergency.


This feature is useful when you want to get some sleep or if you’re trying to concentrate on work and don’t want to be distracted.

The Do Not Disturb feature can be activated by tapping on the Settings app and switching it to on. You’ll know it’s on when you see a tiny crescent moon icon next to the clock on the top of the screen.

You can also adjust your Do Not Disturb preferences by tapping the “Notifications” tab in the Settings app. There you can set Do Not Disturb to a regular schedule or you can make exceptions that will allow certain people’s calls to come through.

Shutting off notifications permanently

If you need a more permanent solution, you can also find that under the “Notifications” in the Settings app.

There you’ll find a list of your apps that you can manually set so notifications are turned off, hidden or disabled.

Turn off all alerts

If you don’t want to receive any alerts from an app, pick the app and on the next page, turn every module off and select “None” under “Alert Style.” This should give you some peace and quiet.

Turning off just the red notification circles

You can turn off the red notification circle by selecting the app in question. In the next page find the module that says “Badge App Icon” and turn it off. This will still allow alerts, but you won’t be bother by the red badges anymore.

Hide from your Notification Center

If what bothers you is a crowded Notification Center, you can clear it by selecting the app you don’t want. In the next page, find where it says “Notification Center” and simply turn it off. This will still let you receive alerts from the app, but they will no longer linger in your Notification Center after you see them.


Additionally, you can also turn off an app’s alert sounds by switching “Sounds” to off and you can hide alerts from your lock screen by turning “View in Lock Screen” to off.

Remember, you adjust all of these preferences by going into the Settings app, tapping the “Notifications” tab and selecting the app you want to edit.


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