Google Voice Search for iPhone, iPad: Siri better watch out

Google's updated Voice Search tool is now available for the iPhone and the iPad, nearly three months after it was announced.

The feature comes with a Google iOS search app that users can now download from the Apple App Store. The update, Google's answer to Apple's Siri voice assistant, had to wade through Apple's app approval process before it could be available for Apple device users.

Like Siri, you can ask Voice Search all kinds of questions and it will do its best to answer them. Sometimes it will simply show you Google search results, such as when I asked "What team does James Harden play for?" while other times it will give a voice response, like when I asked "How tall is the Golden Gate Bridge?"

Voice Search, which sounded a lot like Siri's sister, said "746 feet tall."

It will also instantly show you results and pictures when you request them, unlike Siri, who firsts asks you if you want her to search the Web before performing any action.

You can check out a video of how enhanced Voice Search works above or simply download or update the iOS Google app to try it out.


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