The Bing challenge: Microsoft pulls Pepsi trick on Google [Poll]

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Microsoft is taking a page out of Pepsi’s book for its latest Bing marketing strategy with a blind comparison test it’s calling the “Bing It On Challenge.”

Just as Pepsi did against Coke in the 1970s, Microsoft is challenging Google and letting users decide which product they like better when branding is removed.

In the test, which you can take here, users search five queries and get results that have been stripped of any formatting that might give away which search engine they’re from. After each search, users choose whether they liked the results on the left, the right or whether it was a draw.


Once the five rounds are over, the test shows users which search engine they preferred overall, and Microsoft is saying that users will choose Bing nearly 2 to 1.

This is the latest in a string of marketing strategies Microsoft has tried with Bing to take some of Google’s market share.

In the past, Microsoft has gone as far as paying people to try Bing and they’ve also paid for product placements in this summer’s “The Amazing Spider-man” and in some TV shows, including Hawaii Five-O.

I tried out the test and surprisingly I did choose Bing 2 out of 3 times, albeit on the last try I chose draw as many times as I chose Bing.

If you take the challenge, let us know which search engine you chose below.


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