Google introduces new YouTube app for the iPhone

Google rolled out a new YouTube app for the iPhone on Tuesday morning, making good on a promise to create a new app for the video service since the next iPhone won’t have the app pre-installed.

The company said the new YouTube app features more videos than before, notably adding more official music videos. The app also makes it easier for users to find channels they subscribe to, and videos can now be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or over text message.

The new YouTube app is available internationally starting Tuesday.

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Google is launching the new app one day before a scheduled Apple event where the Cupertino, Calif., company is expected to announce the next iPhone and with it the next version of the phone’s operating system, iOS 6.

Earlier this year, Google and Apple announced that the existing YouTube app would no longer come pre-installed on future iPhones, as it had during the phone’s first five generations.

Though some people said they were happy to see this -- mostly because the app rarely got updated -- the exclusion of a YouTube app was another sign of the deep divide between Google and Apple.



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