Recapping iPhone 5 rumors leading up to Apple’s announcement

The most significant rumor leading up to the next iPhone is talk of a larger screen. Above, a user concept of the next iPhone.
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Rumors have been swirling about the iPhone 5 as far back as April, if not earlier. Today we can finally separate fact from fiction.

But before we find out the truth -- around 10 a.m. PDT -- let’s recap some of the more notable rumors about what Apple may announce. You can check out photos of all the rumors on the link below. And check back later to see if any of them were anywhere close to reality.

Rumor roundup: The new iPhone

Larger screen


The most significant rumor leading up to the next iPhone is talk of a larger screen. Numerous sites have reported Apple will give its device a 4-inch screen, changing the 3.5-inch screen size of the iPhone for the first time. This will likely come true.

Steve Jobs played a part designing this iPhone

It’s been nearly a year since Steve Jobs died, yet somehow he may have had a hand in designing the next iPhone.

Apple usually works on products that don’t come out until years later, so the idea that Jobs worked on this iPhone isn’t ultra surprising. What would be surprising is if Jobs helped design a 4-inch screen phone after once criticizing larger-screen smartphones, saying no one would want to buy a device they couldn’t wrap their hand around.

Liquid metal for the iPhone

A report in April said Apple was beginning to consider liquid metal for parts of the iPhone 5. There likely won’t be any significant use of liquid metal in the next iPhone but Apple is indeed working with a company named Liquidmetal Technologies and the two firms extended their contract by two years this summer.

Smaller dock connector

Talk that Apple would change the iPhone’s dock connector for the first time since launching the iPhone in 2007 began this summer. Pictures have surfaced since then and the new piece looks about half as small as the current dock connector. Expect this to be true.

LTE connectivity

A few days ago a report said the iPhone will definitely get LTE connectivity, the fastest type of cellular Internet speeds available. Of course, it won’t be definite until Apple says so, but we expect this to be true too.

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