New iPhone charger cable to be called ‘Lightning,’ report says

Chinese company Veister tweeted a picture that supposedly shows the next iPhone charger cable.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released today and with it a new iPhone charger cable that might be called “Lightning,” according to a report.

For months, we’ve been hearing that Apple planned to update the iPhone’s dock connector for the first time since launching the iPhone in 2007, and now we may know why. Nine to 5 Mac is saying the company will also introduce a new cable that people inside the company are referring to as Lightning.

The report says you can expect that name to carry over to consumers, in part because Apple already uses another cable called Thunderbolt, so the two go hand in hand.

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The Lightning name might also signify that the cable may be able to transfer data faster than the current cable that Apple’s been using for several years.

Earlier this month, we saw a picture of what the updated cable might look like, which you can see above.

We’ll know more about this in just a few hours, so check back with us as we cover Apple’s announcement throughout the day.


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