First iPhone 5s have begun shipping from China, emails say

Pre-ordered iPhone 5s have begun to ship and are on their way from China, according to various reports.

Numerous people who pre-ordered their iPhone 5s have begun to say they’ve received shipping emails notifying them their iPhone 5 has left Zhengzhou, China. Foxconn, one of Apple’s iPhone suppliers, has a factory in Zhengzhou.

Many of the emails say the devices began to ship Sunday and are scheduled to arrive at their locations on Friday, the iPhone 5’s launch date.

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Among those reporting the emails was 9 to 5 Mac, which said one of its reporters has also received an email.

However, not all pre-ordered iPhone 5s will arrive to customers by Sept. 21.

Apple announced Monday that iPhone 5 pre-orders eclipsed 2 million on their first day, doubling the record Apple set with the iPhone 4S. As a result, the company said, many people won’t get their device until October.

If you would still like to get your iPhone 5 on its launch date, you can try waiting in line Friday at any of the retailers that will sell the device. They include Apple, AT&T;, Verizon, Sprint, Best Buy, Target, RadioShack and Wal-Mart.



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