Top Apple iOS 6 features [Video]


So you’ve updated to iOS 6. That’s cool. But do you know what’s new? Here are some of our favorites.

Sync Notes

Not only does iOS 6 bring a bevy of new features, but it also activates a bunch of features on Mountain Lion, the operating system for Mac computers. One of those is the ability to sync your Notes across all your Apple devices. Now when you write a note on your iPhone, you can access and edit it on your Mac, iPad, and on


Facebook Integration

IOS 6 is also bringing Facebook integration to your mobile Apple devices. Now you can post statuses from the Notification Center and share from various apps including Photos and Safari. Concurrently, Mountain Lion is also getting updated to include Facebook integration.

Maps (Flyover and turn-by-turn directions)

Apple has introduced its new Maps app to replace Google Maps and with it comes turn-by-turn directions by Siri as well as Flyover, which shows you some cities and landmarks in 3D.

That’s pretty cool, but this app does have some major flaws. First, if you have an iPhone 4, you get neither of these features. Secondly, the Maps app doesn’t give you directions for public transportation unless you pay $2.99 for another app. So until Google comes out with a Google Maps app for iOS, you’ll have to pay up or look for alternatives.

Do not disturb


If you’re the kind of person who likes to disconnect, you’ll enjoy “Do Not Disturb.” This feature is in the settings app, and it will keep your device from bothering you with any calls or notifications while it’s on. But it’ll let in emergency calls if someone dials you twice, and you can also set it to allow calls from certain groups, such as your Mail VIPs. And while we’re on that...

VIP Mail

Now you can define some of your contacts as Favorites in the Mail app. Apple is including this feature to let you distinguish clutter from emails sent by people that matter to you. Now, whenever you get an email from one of your favorites, your device while notify you just as it does with text messages.


Apple is now adding Siri to the third generation iPad and will also include it on the fifth generation iPod Touch, which launches next month. Besides more devices, Apple has also improved Siri. Now you can open apps using the voice assistant. On top of that, Siri now does turn-by-turn navigation, and she can get information for movies, sports and restaurants.

Shared Photo Streams


With this feature Apple is trying to let you share photos more easily and without having to put them on Facebook. You can now select a few contacts to share a photo with, and if they have Apple devices, they can check out the pictures, like them and also comment.


This feature hasn’t been working today, but in theory, Passbook is supposed to be able to store movie tickets, sports tickets, boarding passes and other items digitally. Once it’s up and running and as businesses begin building more tickets and cards that work on Passbook, this could become handy for you.


The iPhone’s Web browser is getting a big boost in iOS 6. Now users can access open tabs from any of their Apple devices using a feature called iCloud Tabs. They can also save articles to read for later with the addition of the Offline Reading List, and users can use Safari in full-screen when they turn their device horizontally into landscape mode.

FaceTime over cellular


If you have Verizon or Sprint, you’ll now be able to use FaceTime over cellular networks. If you’re on AT&T;, you can also use this feature but only if you have one of the network’s new Mobile Share plans.

Phone app changes

For the first time in a while (and perhaps ever), Apple has made some changes to the iPhone’s Phone app. Noticeably, the keypad’s numbers are now white instead of navy. But more importantly, now when you get a call, you have a third option of accepting or rejecting it. The app has a new icon that you can flick up and it gives you the choice of replying back with text or set yourself a reminder to call the person back later.


All in all, iOS 6 brings a lot more to a great operating system, but for the first time in a while, it’s also bringing some flaws. I’m looking at you, Maps app.


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