Taco Bell expands waffle taco breakfast test


Taco Bell is testing its popular waffle tacos in more locations starting this week, after the breakfast product sold well in its initial Southern California run.

The fast food creation, which features eggs and sausage folded up in a waffle, became the best-selling morning menu item at the five Taco Bell restaurants where it debuted this year.

Starting Thursday, the mash-up will expand to 100 eateries in Fresno; Omaha; and Chattanooga, Tenn. – an extension first reported by the Associated Press.


Other breakfast menu items being tested in the 100 stores include fruit-topped yogurt and the AM Crunchwrap, the company said.

The quick service industry is becoming increasingly enamored with the breakfast segment.

This week, Popeyes launched its Chicken Waffle Tenders limited-time offer. McDonald’s this summer said it would roll out its McDonald’s After Midnight menu across the U.S. Starbucks recently began offering more upscale foods to draw consumers looking for quality and convenience.

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The plethora of fast food options may be causing cereal makers such as Kellogg to struggle. The company said last week that its U.S. morning foods unit suffered a 3.3% sales decline in the second quarter.

Taco Bell has spent the last two years reinventing its brand. Earlier this year, it changed its catchphrase to Live Mas. Last month, it decided to ditch its kids meals program.


But the Irvine chain may need to work harder to attract the teenagers and young adults known as millennials, according to a survey from consumer perception tracking firm YouGov.

When asked about Taco Bell, 38% of the demographic described the company, a Yum Brands subsidiary along with KFC and Pizza Hut, as “typical fast food.” Nearly 20% saw it as “cheap and filling.” Some 17% characterized the brand as “late night meal or snack food.”

Just 1% considered Taco Bell to be “hip and edgy.”


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