Let the Ben Affleck-as-Batman memes begin: #Batfleck anyone?

Quicker than you can turn on the Bat-signal, the Internet had turned the Ben Affleck-Batman announcement into a meme.
(Via Reddit)

It didn’t take long after Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman for the social media world to lose its collective mind. With nothing better to do on a Thursday, the Internets wasted not a second in turning the meme machine to 11 and making it clear just how the world felt about the actor-writer-director playing the Dark Knight.

Post by James C Mulligan.


On Twitter, in a blink, hashtags related to Affleck-as-Batman news occupied five of the top 10 trending spots on Twitter in the U.S. But the #Batfleck on is probably the most likely to stick.

#Batfleck — John Orquiola (@BackoftheHead) August 23, 2013

A buddy just posted this on my Facebook wall, I died #Batfleck — BuckeyeEmpire (@BuckeyeEmpire) August 23, 2013


And gee, I wonder who everyone wants to see as Robin?

#Batfleck and This Guy! — Liz Lanteri (@lizlanteri) August 23, 2013


Ben Affleck as Batman. Does that mean Matt Damon will play Robin? #ThingsToPonderAtNight — Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) August 23, 2013

And, you know, check back later. Because someone has already set up a Batfleck Tumblr, though hasn’t posted anything yet.



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