California sues BP and Arco, alleges violations at gas stations

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California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris has filed a civil lawsuit against BP West Coast Products, BP Products North America Inc. and Atlantic Richfield Co., accusing them of violating state laws on hazardous materials and hazardous waste.

The lawsuit accuses the parties of failing to properly inspect and maintain underground tanks used to store gasoline at more than 780 gas stations in California.

“Safe storage of gasoline is not only common sense, it is essential to protecting the integrity of California’s groundwater resources,” Harris said.


Harris added, “California’s hazardous waste laws safeguard public health and this lawsuit ensures proper maintenance of the tanks that store fuel beneath California’s communities.”

The lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court alleges that BP companies and Arco have improperly monitored, inspected and maintained underground storage tanks used to store gasoline for retail sale since October of 2006.

The lawsuit also accuses the companies of tampering with or disabling leak detection devices.

The lawsuit also alleges that the defendants improperly handled and disposed of hazardous waste and materials associated with the underground storage tanks at retail gas stations throughout the state.


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