Social media abuzz with Super Bowl commercials; GoDaddy tops list

GoDaddy's "Perfect Match" Super Bowl commercial featured a kiss between model Bar Refaeli and a man portraying an archetypal tech nerd.
(GoDaddy Group Inc.)

It’s not good enough to simply air a commercial during the Super Bowl anymore; companies aim to start Internet buzz.

Networked Insights, a marketing analytics company, analyzed viewer conversations across the social Web during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII to discover what people thought about the ads and celebrities.


The New York firm found that more than 24 million real-time social media conversations took place about the game across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums for the duration of the game.

When it came to advertisements, GoDaddy Group Inc.'s “Perfect Match” commercial came atop the list. The ad, which features an extreme close-up of supermodel Bar Refaeli making out with an archetypal nerd, drew 255,121 mentions.

Here’s Networked Insights’ list:

Top 10 Most Discussed Ads (number of social mentions)

  1. GoDaddy’s “Perfect Match” (255,121)
  2. Taco Bell “Viva Young” (213,125)
  3. Calvin Klein “Concept 30" (209,539)
  4. AB InBev (Budweiser) “Brotherhood” (154,037)
  5. Ram “Farmer” (96,326)
  6. Oreo “Cookie v Cream” (65,373)
  7. Wonderful Pistachios “Crackin’ Style” (58,938)
  8. Tide “Miracle Stain” (55,770)
  9. Doritos “Goat” (51,053)
  10. Doritos “Fashionista” (47,962)


As the Los Angeles Times reported Monday morning, advertising for the 2013 Super Bowl cost as much as $133,000 per second. The Times’ TV critic Mary McNamara reviewed this year’s Super Bowl commercials as did the Hero Complex blog.



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