Apple event 'likely' in March or April for iPad, analyst says

A noted analyst says he expects Apple to hold some kind event this spring, mostly like to reveal some kind of updated iPad. 

In a note to clients this week, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray & Co. wrote: 

"We believe that looking at the history of time between Apple product launch events suggests that the company will introduce something new in March or April. Over the past two years, the Spring event has been iPad updates."

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Munster didn't claim to have any inside info. Rather, he was basing his projection on Apple's historical timing of events. Over the last three years, Munster said Apple has held some kind of announcement on average every four months. The longest gap was seven months. 

However, don't get too excited. No iWatch or Apple TV for you. At least, not yet. Munster expects any event to be modest: 

"If Apple were to do a Spring event, we believe it would likely be incremental updates, likely to the iPad line rather than a significant new product. We believe Apple could update the full-sized iPad to a body style similar to the iPad Mini."

Munster wrote: "All in, if Apple does have a Spring event this year, it may not result in significant new products, but we believe the pipeline for the rest of the year, including a cheaper phone and a television will excite investors about Apple's ability to innovate."


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