Facebook’s latest revenue trick: Pay to promote friends’ posts

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Facebook has announced its latest attempt at making money, and this time it involves letting users pay to promote their friends’ posts.

The feature lets users pay to have a friend’s post show more prominently in other friends’ news feeds.

“If your friend is renting their apartment out and she tells her friends on Facebook, you can share the post with the people you and your friend have in common so that it shows up higher in news feed and more people notice it,” the company said, citing an example of when this feature could be useful.


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The feature is similar to another one that Facebook introduced last year that lets users pay to promote their own posts.

The company said Thursday that people have been using that feature to promote posts about charities and causes, publicize events, advertise items they’re selling, promote important life announcements or congratulate someone else on an accomplishment.

The cost of promoting a post depends on a number of factors, including geographic location and how many people the post would reach, Facebook said.

Facebook said the ability to pay to promote a friend’s post will be rolled out to all users over time.



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