‘Your Show’ turns Facebook news feeds into a personal TV show

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A new app on Facebook takes the glitz and glamour of Hollywood TV shows and crosses it with users’ news feeds, creating a personalized video that users can watch on the Facebook website.

Social Studios’ “Your Show” launched Tuesday and is a new way for Facebook users to see what their friends have been talking about and sharing on the social network.

The app, which is built using HTML 5 and is best viewed in the Google Chrome browser, picks out the most popular posts shared by friends and automatically creates a “TV show” video.


The video includes prerecorded snippets of actress Noa Tishby acting as the host of the personal show. Tishby’s content is automatically spliced into the video, which includes a user’s most popular statuses, videos and photos of the day as well as that day’s birthdays and the latest gossip going on in a user’s social circle.

A demonstration video of “Your Show” can be seen at the top of the post.

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“We look into those posts and find the ones that are most relevant and interesting to you,” said Anat Amibar, chief executive of Social Studios. “We pick the highlights, the best of what’s on your news feed, and then we wrap it into a TV format, a TV show.”

The show has an “Entertainment Tonight” feel to it, and Social Studios promises that because each show is built around new, fresh content, no two versions of “Your Show” are the same.

Social Studios created “Your Show” as a way to make Facebook content more appealing when using the social network on a smart TV, though the feature isn’t yet viewable on a smart TV. The company is working on versions of the app that will make that possible.

“We looked at how social media looks on your smart TV,” Amibar said. “You open Facebook on a smart TV, and it’s not useable. It’s just not the right experience for that device.”


“We really set out to create a new type of content,” she said. “We call it social media TV.”

For now, though, the app is only viewable on desktops and laptops.

Amibar said “Your Show” is Social Studios first’s social media TV show, but she added that the Israeli-based start-up is working on more shows. “Your Show” is free to use and can be found on Facebook.


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