Oregon teen’s ‘drivin drunk’ Facebook post leads to his arrest


Will we ever tire of people bragging about criminal activity on Facebook?

Never! Because it is just so unbelievably dumb.

This week’s Facebook overshare comes to us courtesy of Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, of Astoria, Ore.

This week he wrote on his Timeline: “Drivin drunk... classsic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P”

Despite the use of two emoticons, at least two of Cox-Brown’s Facebook friends didn’t see the humor in his post.


One of them called police to report what Cox-Brown had written; another shared his post with an Astoria police officer via Facebook.

“Astoria Police have an active Social Media presence,” the department wrote in a statement.

The police had already been alerted to a hit-and-run crash involving two parked cars. After getting the tip from Cox-Brown’s “friends” two officers went to Cox-Brown’s house and were able to determine that his car was also involved in the crash.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver, but not for drinking and driving.

Cornered a few days after the incident by an ABC news crew, Cox-Brown said his Facebook post had been a misunderstanding and that it was “a big joke.”

“Yeah, sure, I probably shouldn’t have posted what I said on there, and I kind of regret it,” he said. “You know, because it got blown way out of proportion. But, I don’t know....”


He added that although he hit the parked cars, it was because of ice on the road, not because he was drunk.


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