Apple: 40 billion apps have been downloaded, half of that in 2012

If you’re wondering how Apple’s App store is doing these days, the answer is: Awesome.

On Monday, Apple announced that it has topped 40 billion app downloads, and that a whopping 20 billion of those downloads took place in 2012 alone.

And in case you think the company has inflated the numbers, it hasn’t: That 40 billion does not include re-downloads or updates.

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There were plenty of other impressive numbers in Apple’s self-congratulatory release. For example, there are 775,000 apps available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users around the world, and Apple has paid developers more than $7 billion.


One note in the release that piqued my interest: My favorite mobile game, “Temple Run,” has been downloaded more than 75 million times, a feat that its creators describe “as nothing short of astonishing.”

Apple launched the app store in July of 2008. It took one year for the store to hit 1 billion downloads.

But the number of app downloads quickly started to snowball. By July 2011 Apple announced that 15 billion apps had been downloaded, and that iOS users had 425,000 apps to choose from.


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