Apple I sells for $387,750 in latest high-bid product auction

An Apple I computer from 1976 fetched $387,750, joining a long list of Apple products that have been auctioned in recent years for hefty prices.

After the late Steve Jobs revived Apple and took it to the top of the tech world during the 2000s, the company’s historic and rare items have seen a surge in value.

The Apple I, for example, was the first computer sold by Jobs and Steve Wozniak and was originally priced at $666.66 when it came out in the ‘70s. Nowadays, it’s common for these historic machines to sell for $210,000, as it did three years ago, to $671,400, as one did back in May.


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And even failed products are in demand. A rare version of the Apple Newton, a personal digital assistant that was ahead of its time but didn’t function as advertised, sold on EBay in January for $1,350. That item was a special transparent version that the seller said Apple may have given out to developers during one of its conferences.

Some items that are auctioned were never even officially released by the company. A year ago, a prototype of the iPad also was auctioned on EBay. It fetched $10,200.

But Apple’s draw is so strong that it’s not just its rare and old products that draw big money in auctions. Earlier this year, a coffee date with company CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s headquarters was also auctioned for charity, and the winning bid was a whopping $610,000.


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