Netflix devotion not just skin deep: Tattoo gets man subscription


SAN FRANCISCO -- Netflix has a genuine fan boy in Myron Robinson, the first person we know of to make that fervor a permanent addition to his body.

Robinson, a college student and aspiring fashion designer from Indiana, says he admired the company and its founder Reed Hastings so much, he tattooed “Netflix” on his stomach.

(For all you skeptics out there, he swears it’s “definitely real.”)


Robinson couldn’t keep the tattoo under wraps (or under his shirt) for long. He tweeted his tattoo to Netflix, which gave him a shout out and a subscription. Even Hastings took notice on his Facebook page.

“[T]hank you so much for the free year!!!!” Myron tweeted back.

That’s $96 worth of free streaming (or a value of $228 if Netflix threw in a 3-DVD-per-month plan too).

Did Netflix get off cheap with a one-year subscription in exchange for a lifetime of devotion?

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” Robinson said.

Tattoos are just one over-the-top way ordinary peeps try to get their favorite brands’ attention. Some publicity stunts have even longer and more tell-tale consequences: think naming your baby Facebook or Like. And then some are just temporary statements.

We’ve gotta give Robinson props for not following the crowd of ink-stained Apple wretches or those who have searched for new spots on their bodies to declare their allegiance to Google, not to mention Microsoft (Microsoft! Seriously, now we have seen everything).

But Gizmodo said it best with this headline: “This Awful Netflix Tattoo Comes With a Free Year of Service and Lifetime of Shame.”


What would you be willing to do to prove your devotion to your top tech brand is more than skin deep? Let us know in the comments.


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