Verizon taking pre-orders for BlackBerry Z10, due in stores March 28

Verizon began taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10 on Thursday morning.

Verizon Wireless began taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10 on Thursday and announced it will sell the smartphone in stores beginning March 28.

The device, BlackBerry’s first to run on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, will be available from Verizon for $200 with a two-year service contract. Users who pre-order can expect their BlackBerry Z10 to arrive by March 28.


Verizon will sell the phone in black as well as in white, which is exclusive to Verizon. The Z10 is a touch screen phone that has a 4.2-inch display and 16 gigabytes of internal storage.

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Earlier this week, AT&T; began taking pre-orders for the upcoming BlackBerry device. AT&T;, which also sells the phone for $200, will have the phone available in stores on March 22, which is also when users who pre-order can expect their device to arrive.

T-Mobile will also sell the smartphone, but the company has yet to announce when it will begin taking pre-orders or when it’ll be available in stores.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the Canadian phone maker’s latest attempt to stay relevant in the U.S. smartphone market, which is dominated by Apple and Google Android devices.


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