Instagram lets users tag others in photos like they do on Facebook

Tagging others in photos has been a long-time staple of Facebook, and now that feature is coming to Instagram.

The photo-sharing social network on Thursday announced users will now be able to tag their friends in pictures that they shoot and upload onto Instagram.

Users will be able to tap on a person’s face in the photo and tag them, similar to how they can on Facebook. Additionally, they can also tag their favorite stores and celebrities, such as a band, Instagram said.


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Whenever user get tagged, they’ll receive a notification and the picture will show up in a new section called “Photos of You,” which collects all the pictures that a user has been tagged in.

If user don’t want others to be able to see the photos they have been tagged in, they can adjust their settings to make sure nothing shows up in the “Photos of You” section without their approval.

Instagram said users can test out and try the new feature, but on May 16, it will go live and become visible on all users’ profiles.

The feature seems to work much the same way tagged photos do on Facebook, but there’s no doubt it will draw privacy concerns from some users.


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