My Favorite Room: Jo Koy serves up a big helping of feng shui

Jo Koy grew up watching cooking shows, but what he coveted wasn’t the latest recipe for lasagna or brownies.

“I remember just going, ‘I want a kitchen like that in my house,’” the comedian, 45, said. “Well, everything I used to dream about when I was a kid that I wanted my kitchen to look like, I’ve got.”

Koy bought his Studio City hilltop home in 2013. The modern single-story home features a two-bedroom main house, a two-bedroom guest house and a weight room attached to the garage.

“I got lucky when I found this place,” he said. “I have privacy and room to park about six cars on my property, which is pretty rare is this area.”

The house is about to get bigger: He’s expanding the main unit by adding an open-plan second floor that will feature a master suite.


Koy is currently touring the U.S. and hosts a weekly podcast, “The Koy Pond”; his first Netflix comedy special, “Jo Koy: Live from Seattle,” started streaming March 28.

Jo Koy says people migrate to his kitchen, which includes a Thermador stove. "There's this good energy," he says.
(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

What makes the room special?

I love everything about my kitchen. It’s the most feng shui room in the house. There’s this good energy. It has an island in the middle where I do all my chopping and cooking preparation. I love my stove. It’s a huge, beautiful stainless steel Thermador Professional.

How do you use the space?

It’s where we migrate. The kitchen is its own room. It opens to a dining area, but we usually don’t make it out that far. We eat in the kitchen. My son, Joseph, 13, does his homework in there. My girlfriend, Amy, and I have our evening conversations there. It’s where we cook, talk and socialize.

Describe the design style.

I went with white and gray. I have gray countertops, whitish/gray cabinets and stainless steel trim. I’m a minimalist when it comes to stuff in the house. Less is more. I want whatever pieces I have to pop and stand out. I like white and open spaces, and I don’t like clutter.

Which item most represents you?

The stove, because I love to cook. I enjoy it. It’s relaxing.

Have you always cooked?

No. I started cooking when I bought a condominium in Studio City in 2010. I liked that kitchen, and my son was about 6 and started asking for certain meals. So, I was like, OK, I can make that at home. That’s how I started.

Jo Koy top-chef must-haves?

My classic red KitchenAid mixer and matching blender. I also love my GreenPan. It is my favorite pan. I cook everything in it.

What’s on the weekly menu in the Koy kitchen?

Chicken adobo, which is a Filipino recipe, and picadillo, another Filipino dish that has beef and potatoes with carrots.

Do you collect anything from the road?

I have a Starbucks cup from every city where I have performed.


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