My Favorite Room: Sam Daly tends the family tree in his baby's nursery

Sam Daly gives us a week into the nursery of his Mar Vista-area home. (Jesse Goddard / Los Angeles Times)

Treasured family heirlooms drove the design of the nursery in actor Sam Daly’s home.

Upon moving to the Mar Vista area in May, Daly and wife Marissa knew they wanted newborn son Owen’s room to be filled with nostalgia. There’s the rocking chair that Marissa inherited from her grandmother, and the original cel art from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” that Daly was given as a baby from his father, actor Tim Daly.


“One of the main reasons we wanted to buy a house is to be able to set our roots and have a welcoming, loving room for Owen,” said Sam, 33, who next appears in the zombie movie “Office Uprising” and the post-Katrina heist film “Cut Throat City.”

They also liked the home’s proximity to Marissa’s job at Yahoo. The family shares the 1,440-square-foot home with golden retriever Kobe Bryant.


Why is this your favorite room?

It’s my son’s room, and he’s my favorite. I love my wife too, but we’d say that our son is our favorite. It was the first room we put all our effort into because we wanted it to be a place where we could sprawl out on the floor and make a mess and grow up together.

What were you going for design-wise?

It’s an eclectic hodge-podge. We didn’t want to go too hard on one color. The room has lots of blue and gray tones with wood mixed in.


What are some of the elements that make the room distinctive?

Marissa describes the black-and-white animal photos on the wall as “jungle neutral.” The door hanging is something my dad got for Owen from a little shop in Vermont and is made from tiny rolls of paper.

What about the furniture?

The crib is on rollers and folds in to a quarter of its size. My parents laugh about it; my crib when I was a baby was a laundry basket in the closet with a sheepskin.

The rocking chair from Marissa’s grandmother is a nice touch.

We restored it, put these new brass [grommets] in, and I chose the blue fabric.

You seem big on recycling.

We have friends with sons about the same age, so it’s a hand-me-down factory. Our nanny, Stacy, will go to yard sales in Brentwood and Santa Monica where people give away brand new toys and books. We wipe them off, and Owen shoves them in his mouth and plays with them forever.


What are some of the memorable times you’ve had in here?

We do a routine every night that is so lovely. We say goodnight to the animals, the books, the five different Kobe Bryants, Buddha and the Ninja Turtles. We’ve had a lot of good memories in the short time we’ve been here.