Some Tax-Free Profit Allowed on Home Sale

Question: My girlfriend and I both own our own houses. We expect to getmarried this year. She plans to sell her house and move in with me. Ifshe invests the proceeds from her house sale by paying down my mortgage,could she avoid capital-gains tax that she would owe on the sale of herhouse?

Answer: No. The best way to avoid tax when selling a principal residence isto follow the simple rules of Internal Revenue Code 121. It allows up to$250,000, or $500,000 for a married couple filing jointly, tax-freehome-sale profits.

To qualify, the seller must have owned and lived in the primaryresidence an aggregate of two years during the five years before thesale. If your girlfriend meets the two-year test, her sale profit up to$250,000 is tax-free. Paying down the mortgage on your house won't helpher save taxes. For further details, she should consult her tax advisor.

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