Tell us your wildest L.A. housing story

An open house sign in front of a home
If you’ve got a real estate story to tell, we want to hear it.
(San Diego Union-Tribune Community Press)

Finding a place to stay is one of L.A.’s great challenges. Whether it’s renting a room or buying your dream home, house hunting in Southern California can be complicated, cutthroat and oftentimes bizarre.

If you’ve got a real estate or housing story to tell, we want to hear it. Tell us about how many people you conquered in the bidding war for the home you just bought. Or about that strange agreement with your landlord. Send us your success stories and horror stories, your wins and your losses, for the chance to have them included in our upcoming house-hunting column.

Everyone has a story to tell about the place they live and the journey it took to get there. We look forward to hearing yours.