CES 2013: Luggage lost at the wrong airport? Trakdot knows where


It’s a distressingly common scenario: You’ve successfully landed in your port of call. Your luggage, however, has hoofed it somewhere else entirely.

Trakdot, a tracking device showcased at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, aims to make the snafu more bearable by knowing where your bags ended up.

The black and orange, GSM-equipped gadget is slightly larger than a deck of playing cards and powered by AA batteries. The idea is to chuck the Federal Aviation Administration-approved appliance into checked suitcases --it’s programmed to power down once the aircraft it’s on reaches certain speeds.


Once on the ground, users can check their bags’ location via an app, text message or email.

Trakdot costs $50 with a $12.99 annual fee and works anywhere in the world, according to GlobaTrac, the Los Angeles-based company that makes it. The gadget is expected to reach stores this spring.

Maybe next, they’ll figure out how to teleport the item to your location –- but all things in time.


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