There’s a secret basketball game going on via Facebook Messenger


Say goodbye to productivity: There’s a seriously addictive game of basketball going on via Facebook Messenger, complete with celebratory emojis every time you score.

Send a basketball emoji to a friend, or a group. Then click on the emoji to open your game. Boom.

It seems simple enough at first. Just hold your finger on the basketball, then slide up to shoot in that direction. Pretty easy, right?


Once you get to 10 points, the hoop starts moving from left to right -- and it speeds up once you hit 20 points. (Pro tip: Don’t rush into shot No. 21. Let your eyes adjust to the faster speed. Just trust me on this.)

And once you hit 30, the hoop is no longer confined to going back and forth on a straight line. My top score was 33, so I have no idea what happens once you hit 40 points.

Good luck, and try not to waste too many hours on the March Madness Facebook craze.

Tell me what happens at 40 points: @anniezyu.

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