Create a mini me: 3-D selfies now possible with new Kinect app


What do you give a loved one who’s got everything? How about a small figurine of yourself?

A new app has been released for Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensor device for Windows computers and Xbox game consoles, that can be used to create 3-D selfies.

The app,, works by having users stand a few feet in front of the Kinect. The app then asks users to pick a pose that they can easily hold for at least a minute.

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Advertisement will then scan users for a few seconds before asking them to turn 45 degrees to the right so it can scan another angle. This process repeats for a total of six scans. All the while, users must try to hold the pose.

Once the scan is finished, shows an image of what the 3-D selfie will look like. Users can rotate it around on their Windows computer or Xbox game console.

If users like what they see, they can order the figurine for $59, with free shipping to the U.S. and Europe.

The figurines, scaled at 1/20th of the user’s actual height, or about 3 to 4 inches tall, are created using 3-D printers. Artec Group, the company behind the app, says users can order the models in color or in monochrome.

“Give family clones to Dad and he can keep his mini-family on his desk,” the company said in a statement. “And you can order multiple figurines -- to share with friends or as really unusual holiday gifts.”

We’re looking to check it out and see how well it works. Stay tuned.



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