Five new ways to look up posts with Facebook’s expanded search tool


Searching for status updates and other types of content on Facebook just got easier, thanks to an update announced Monday.

Facebook said it has updated its Graph Search feature so that it will now show status updates, comments, check-ins and photo captions when users type in search queries.

The revamped feature will roll out slowly, starting with a small number of users Monday, but it will eventually become available to most users.


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Here are new ways to search using Facebook.

Search based on topics

Currently, users can search for things like “My friends who like ‘Breaking Bad,’” but now, users can also search for what people are saying about those specific topics. That means you can search “Posts about ‘Breaking Bad’ by my friends.”

Search based on time

If, for example, users wanted to see what their friends had to say about “Breaking Bad” before Sunday’s finale, users could also type in queries like “Posts about ‘Breaking Bad’ from last month.”

Users can also use time in other ways. “My posts from 2012” or “Posts by John Smith from 2012.”


Search by location

Users can also narrow their searches based on certain places. This means users can search for things like “Posts by my friends in Los Angeles.” You can also combine this type of search with others, meaning you could search “Posts about ‘Breaking Bad’ by my friends in New Mexico.”

And these types of posts don’t just have to be from your friends. Users can also conduct searches of public content such as “Posts written at the White House.”

Search by types of places

Another way to find posts by your friends is to search for specific types of places. This means users will be able to search queries like “Posts about restaurants by my friends” or “Posts about bars in Los Angeles.”

Combine them all

Users can get very specific by using all the new ways to search. That means users could look for something as complicated as “Posts about ‘Breaking Bad’ from Sunday by my friends in Albuquerque.”


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