Amazon working on smartphone with 3-D display, report says

An package is prepared for shipment in Palo Alto.
An package is prepared for shipment in Palo Alto.
(Paul Sakuma / Associated Press)

In an effort to expand beyond the world of online retailing, is reportedly working on a high-end smartphone that would feature a 3-D screen.

The device would allow users to see 3-D images without having to wear glasses, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cites unnamed sources in a report Thursday.

Using a retina-tracking technology, the smartphone detects which way the user is looking at the device to adjust the image so it appears to float above the screen, according to the Journal’s report.

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The rumored device, which has not been confirmed by Amazon, is part of a bundle of technology being developed by the company. The report says Amazon is also working on another smartphone, a TV Internet-streaming box and a device that would stream audio-only.

The report says Amazon hopes to launch the devices sometime in the coming months, but that it could also decide to stop the projects for a variety of reasons, including performance or financial concerns.

As of now, Amazon’s reach into the tech hardware market has been limited to its line of Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets.


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