Apple releases iOS 7.1, includes CarPlay, better iPhone 4 performance

Apple issued iOS 7.1, an update for its iPhone and iPad software.
(Salvador Rodriguez / Los Angeles Times)

Apple on Monday released iOS 7.1, an update for the iPhone and iPad operating system that includes a few new features and bug fixes.

Chief among the additions is CarPlay, Apple’s car infotainment system that was announced last week. IPhone 5s, 5c and 5 owners who own cars that support CarPlay will be able to use the feature.
The update, which includes a few aesthetic changes to the interface, also fixes a bug that has come to be known as the “black/white screen of death.” That bug caused a few Apple iOS devices to randomly crash and restart. In January, Apple promised to fix the issue, and it has finally delivered a solution.

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Apple has also given users more control over how long Siri will listen for with the update. As was the case previously, users hold down the home button to activate Siri, but now, they can continue holding the home button until they are done speaking to ensure Siri won’t cut them off while they talk.


Additionally, Apple said the update will improve how iOS 7 performs on the iPhone 4 and older versions of the iPad. The Apple software previously ran slowly on the iPhone 4, but the update should make it feel faster.

Users will also no longer have to clear their FaceTime notifications from their gadgets whenever they answer a call on another device. Apple said these notifications will now clear automatically.

To download iOS 7.1, users can head to their Settings app, tap “General” and then “Software Update.” They can also connect their devices to iTunes on their computers to update.



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