Apple iPhone rumor roundup: Fast and gray 5S, cheap and plastic 5C

Tim Cook
Chief Executive Tim Cook reaches for an iPhone as he speaks at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.
(Josh Edelson / AFP/Getty Images)

With two weeks to go until Apple’s scheduled Sept. 10 event, fresh rumors about what the company’s next iPhone will look like and do are emerging daily.

Photos reportedly leaked by an employee of an Apple supplier last week added more evidence that a cheap, plastic-frame iPhone 5C will be released in six colors (white, black, green, blue, pink and yellow). Besides the lack of a metallic outside, the 5C may not have the Siri assistant app.

A top-of-the-line version, which would be called 5S if Apple follows previous naming conventions, is also reportedly in the works. It’s likely to have a processor that’s slightly faster and less draining on the battery.

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The newest rumors suggest that the 5S will come in gray/silver, gold, black and white.

Among other features, the 5S is to have an improved camera and larger storage. The camera, with an f-stop of 2.0, would have a wider aperture than its predecessors, allowing for sharpers images in low lighting.

The home button on the 5S is expected to double as a fingerprint reader that could power a range of security features.

If Apple follows past practice, the phones would be released in late September.


Previous iPhones have cost $199 at launch when coupled with a two-year service contract, but the company is reportedly training employees about a trade-in program that would allow users of older iPhones to exchange those devices for discounted newer ones.

Customers who prefer to trade-in for potentially higher prices can lock in current prices by signing up now on resell website Gazelle.


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