Drop test: iPhone 5s is surprisingly more durable than 5c [Video]


If durability is your top concern when purchasing a phone, the iPhone 5s is a better option than the iPhone 5c.

The two new Apple smartphones were put through a durability test by SquareTrade, a mobile device insurance company.

The result is a bit of surprise since the iPhone 5c is built with a plastic shell, and many assumed that the material would boost the phone’s durability. However, the iPhone 5s features the same design as 2012’s iPhone 5, a device that has proved to be very tough.


The iPhones were also compared to the Moto X by Motorola and Samsung’s Galaxy S4. All in all, the Moto X performed best.

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SquareTrade started its test by dropping the four phones on their corners from 5 feet. The GS4’s screen started to come off and it stopped working. The iPhone 5c, meanwhile, got significant screen damage. The iPhone 5s and the Moto X came away with just a few scratches.

Another test showed how far each gadget slides on flat surfaces. The iPhone 5s did the worst and slid completely off the table due to its aluminum body. It was followed by the GS4, which slid 4 feet. The Moto X slid the least, going just 3 feet.

The devices were also dunked under water for 10 seconds while playing a music video. The Moto X, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c all made it through the test and continued playing the video. The GS4, though, stopped working when it came out of the water.


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