Apple CEO Tim Cook says a line of Macs will be built in Texas


Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook disclosed during a Senate hearing Tuesday that the tech giant will invest more than $100 million to build a factory in the Lone Star State, where it will assemble a line of Mac computers.

“The product will be assembled in Texas, include components made in Illinois and Florida, and rely on equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan,” Cook said during a Senate subcommittee hearing in which he was grilled for Apple’s controversial tax practices, according to tech blog AllthingsD.

Texas might make sense considering Foxconn, one of Apple’s top manufacturing partners, has a plant set up in the state.


Apple announced late last year that it would start building one line of its computers within the U.S. in 2013, but the company had not yet said where it would assemble the computers. Now we know where they’ll be built, but we still don’t know when the production will begin or what type of Macs will be “Made in USA.”

And while the move is patriotic, it probably won’t buy Apple too many brownie points with Americans -- or at least not this week. Cook was at the Capitol on Tuesday testifying before Congress after a report by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations came out saying the company uses Irish subsidiaries to avoid paying billions in taxes.

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