Apple replaces iPad 2 with iPad 4, introduces 8 GB iPhone 5c in Europe

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Apple tweaked its product lineup Tuesday morning, replacing the $399 iPad 2 with its fourth generation iPad and introducing a cheaper 8-gigabyte iPhone 5c model in European markets.

The Cupertino tech giant said it will no longer sell the iPad 2 model, which had been available to customers since it was originally released in early 2011. Taking the iPad 2’s place will be the fourth generation iPad, which was first introduced in late 2012 but had been unavailable since Apple introduced the iPad Air late last year.

The iPad 4, as it is commonly referred to, offers a faster processor, an improved camera and, most notably, a higher-resolution display than what was available on the iPad 2.

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Apple said the iPad 4 will be available in 16 GB models and in black and white options. Customers can purchase the Wi-Fi model for $399 or the model that can connect to LTE cellular networks for $529.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Apple also introduced an 8 GB version of the iPhone 5c, according to Bloomberg.

The 8 GB iPhone 5c is available at a lower price than the 16 GB model, which was previously the cheapest option for the iPhone 5c lineup. In England, the 8 GB iPhone 5c is available for 429 pounds, about $711, while the 16 GB model costs 469 pounds, about $778, with no contract.

Apple did not announce plans to introduce the 8 GB iPhone 5c in the U.S.


[Update 10:05 a.m. PDT, March 18: Apple said the 8 GB iPhone 5c model will be available specifically in England, France and Germany as well as China and Australia.

“The mid-tier iPhone segment is growing year-over-year and the 8GB model provides a more affordable option for markets where LTE is becoming more established,” the company told The Times in a statement.]


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