Apple TV not just a hobby anymore, get its own section on Web store

Apple gave Apple TV its own section in a recent update to the company's online store.

Changes to the Apple Store website appear to indicate that the Cupertino tech giant is now placing more importance on Apple TV, a product Chief Executive Tim Cook has referred to as a “hobby” many times before.

When Apple updated its store website to include Valentine’s Day specials this week, it also added a new section dedicated entirely to Apple TV, 9to5Mac reported.

Previously, Apple TV was hidden away on the website within the accessories page of the iPod section.

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After the website was updated this week, Apple TV now has a section to itself that includes accessories and support pages for the device, which is used to stream content from the Internet to watch on users’ TVs.

Recently, 9to5Mac also reported that the company is working on a new Apple TV set-top box that is set to release within the first half of 2014. 9to5Mac is known for its accurate Apple reports.

The Apple news site said the company is considering several possibilities for the new Apple TV.

One of them is integrating the device with AirPort Express, Apple’s wireless router. Packaging the two together could improve the quality of video Apple TV plays, the report said.

Another possibility is making the new Apple TV focus on gaming. 9to5Mac said iPhones, iPads and iPod touches could be used as controllers for games played on Apple TV.

Finally, Apple TV may come with a built-in TV tuner so users can control all their cable boxes through the Apple device.


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