If Ellen had used this app, Jared Leto might have been in the selfie

Ellen DeGeneres broke a Twitter record with her all-star selfie, but the makers of CamMe, a camera app, say the picture could have been better.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

“If only Bradley [Cooper]'s arm was longer,” Ellen DeGeneres wrote in her record-breaking Oscars tweet that contains arguably the most epic selfie in history. But could DeGeneres and friends have taken a better picture?

Although the selfie has been retweeted nearly 3 million times, caused Twitter to experience outages and contains a dozen stars, there’s one company that thinks its technology could’ve snapped a better photo.

PointGrab, an Israeli tech company, said CamMe, its free photo app, would have enabled DeGeneres to fit more celebrities into her picture (as well as the entirety of supporting actor winner Jared Leto’s face).


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CamMe “would’ve prevented Jared Leto and others from being cut out of the star-studded pic,” a PointGrab spokeswoman said Monday.

The app works by using motion sensor technology to enable users to take a photo without having to touch the smartphone at the same time.

To use CamMe, users open the app and set their smartphone on a flat surface as far as 16 feet away from them. They then stand in front of the camera and use hand gestures to tell the app to snap a photo. Three seconds later, CamMe takes a shot.

A YouTube video of the app can be seen below.

The app was launched last year, but recently, CamMe has gained traction after adding new features and being named most innovative mobile app last week at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.

It’s too late for DeGeneres to retake her famous selfie, but CamMe is available free for those who want to try it. The app is only available for the iPhone, but PointGrab said an Android version is in the works and will be available “in the near future.”


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