Flipboard's magazine publishing tool comes to Android devices

Earlier this year, Flipboard gave its iPad and iPhone users the ability to curate their own magazines. Now that feature is available for Android users too.

Flipboard is a mobile app that creates personalized magazines for each user based on what their social network friends are sharing and on their interests. Two months ago, Flipboard began letting Apple users curate their own magazines. The latest update now gives that same capability to users who have smartphones running the Android operating system.

"Starting today, our Android community can collect and save the things they love into topical magazines on Flipboard," the company said in a blog post. "These can be private for personal consumption, or they can be public and shared on Flipboard and beyond."

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With the feature, users can build a magazine based on whatever interests they have. I, for example, have a magazine dedicated to tech news and another dedicated to news about the Houston Texans football team.

Flipboard also announced that it has expanded what users can do to curate their magazines from the Web. Previously, users could add articles to their magazines straight from their Web browsers by using a special bookmark. Now, users can also head to https://editor.flipboard.com to further edit their magazines right from their desktop or laptop Web browsers.

Users can decide which article they want to use as their magazine cover, they can edit their magazine information and they can also share their magazine with others, right from the Web editor.

Flipboard also announced that the Financial Times has now been integrated into the app, allowing users to read the publication's articles more seamlessly.


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