Former Groupon CEO to release music album this month

After being forced out earlier this year from the company he founded, former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason is attempting a comeback.

But not with a business venture. He’s instead making his own music album.

Mason told the Wall Street Journal he plans to release the album through iTunes, Spotify and other services later this month. He said the album will consist of “motivational business music” and is titled “Hardly Workin.’”

No comment on whether it’s autobiographical.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur recorded the seven-song album himself and will be releasing it independently. The Journal said Mason did not want to talk about the details of the album.

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“It should just speak for itself,” he said, according to the report.

Mason founded Groupon in 2008 and took it public in 2011, but after struggling to impress investors for more than a year, he was forced out of the company in February.

The young entrepreneur went out in memorable fashion, sending a note that joked he was leaving the company to spend more time with his family.

“Just kidding,” he said in the note. “I was fired today.”


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