Go Christmas caroling with Google’s karaoke-like mobile app

Google has added a neat feature to its mobile apps that users can activate to go Christmas caroling.
Google has added a neat feature to its mobile apps that users can activate to go Christmas caroling.

Embarrassed that you can’t remember the lyrics to Christmas carols? Google has come to the rescue.

The search giant has rolled out a feature for its mobile app that gives iPhone and Android smartphone users the words and the music to popular Christmas songs.

To be the life of the Christmas party, users must open the app on their device and then say “OK Google” followed by “Let’s go caroling.”

The command will prompt Google to pull up a page asking users which carol they would like to sing. Users can choose from “Jingle Bells,” “Up on the House Top,” “Deck the Halls,” “O Christmas Tree” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”


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Users can tap any of the choices to pull up the lyrics and load up the song. A play icon will appear on the screen that users can tap to get the song going, and just like karaoke, a bouncing ball will appear letting users know when to sing the next word.

Google has been celebrating the holidays with new features like this one over the past few weeks. Recently, the company launched a Santa Claus tracker and it also added a feature to Google+ that adds falling snow and sparkles to holiday related pictures.

The company is known for doing these kinds of Easter Eggs throughout all of its products and websites. For example, if users search for “do the harlem shake” on YouTube, the website will perform its rendition of the “Harlem Shake” meme. Typing “do a barrel roll” into Google search makes the whole website spin as an homage to a move users perform while playing the game “Star Fox 64.”


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