Google lets users show photos on Chromecast with Photowall app


Google has released a new app that lets users easily beam pictures from their smartphones, tablets or laptops onto their TVs using the Chromecast streaming device.

The app is called Photowall, and it is the latest Chrome Experiment, which is software created by Google as a way to inspire outside developers on their own projects.

The idea is that with Photowall, users can show their photos to friends during social gatherings by beaming the pictures onto their TVs, rather than passing their smartphone around.


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“Photowall for Chromecast is a new Chrome Experiment that lets people collaborate with images on the TV — using phones or tablets,” the app description reads. “Anyone can take a picture and send it to a Photowall to instantly see it on the big screen.”

When starting a Photowall, users first give it a name, such as “Sal’s Photowall.” Before sending photos, Google also asks users if they would like the uploaded pictures to be turned into a video montage at the end. That montage is then posted on YouTube.

From there, users simply start picking pictures and sending them onto the Photowall. Users can also “doodle” on their pictures or add captions, similar to what users can do with the Snapchat photo-messaging app.

Photowall is available for Apple iOS devices through the App Store and will be available for Android in the Google Play store on Monday, according to Google. Photowall can also be accessed through the Web by laptops, smartphones and tablets at



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