Get inside the TARDIS with Google Street View’s ‘Doctor Who’ Easter egg

TARDIS, the ship from "Doctor Who," is now viewable on Google Street View.

Geronimo! An Easter egg on Google Street View will let the user explore the TARDIS from the popular British TV show “Doctor Who.”

In the show, the TARDIS is the ship -- in the shape of a blue police call box -- used by the Doctor to travel through space and time, hence the acronym: Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

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“Doctor Who” fans can find the Easter egg on this page of Google Maps, or they can go straight into the TARDIS by going to this page.


Inside the TARDIS, users can look in all directions and navigate around just like they can with other pages of Street View.

Google hasn’t said yet when, how, or why it added the TARDIS, but we’ll make sure to let you know the story when they share it.

The TARDIS is the latest in a long line of Google Easter eggs -- hidden gems that Google throws onto websites and other media that users must uncover in order to experience. Other neat tricks to try on Google and its many websites include the following:

  • If you search for “tilt” on Google, the website will slightly tilt.
  • If you search for “do a barrel roll,” a term from the “Star Fox” video game, the website will rotate 360 degrees.
  • If you search for “Zerg rush,” a crew of the letter “O” will begin attacking and destroying your search result very quickly. This is a homage to the game “Star Craft.”
  • On YouTube, if you search for “do the Harlem Shake,” the video website will begin to dance.
  • If you search search for “Atari Breakout” in Google Images, you’ll be able to play the classic video game.



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