Did Google accidentally reveal yet-to-be-announced Nexus phone?


It was a possible case of over-sharing for Google on Tuesday, as the tech giant may have accidentally revealed its upcoming smartphone in a video promoting its Android operating system.

Google and Nestle teamed Tuesday to announce that the next iteration of Android, version 4.4, will be named after the KitKat chocolate candy bar.

To accompany the announcement, Google posted a video showing a KitKat-themed statue of the Android mascot being installed at the company’s campus. The video shows numerous Google employees taking pictures and videos of the occasion with their smartphones, and about 40 seconds in, the video shows one user holding a never-before-seen smartphone.


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The device looks completely unlike the Nexus 4, the latest version of Google’s smartphone line. The phone in the video has the word Nexus printed on it in large, horizontal font. The back of the phone also includes a large camera lens, and toward the bottom of the device there appears to be an LG logo.

Adding to speculation that the phone was shown accidentally, Google essentially shut down the promotional video on YouTube by making it private. However, you can still see it on the Verge tech news site.

The possibly accidental reveal comes after Google cut the price of the Nexus 4 by $100 last week, leading to the 8-gigabyte version of the phone selling out in a few days.

Google said it did not plan to restock the phone, leaving many to speculate that the company was clearing inventory ahead of the next version of its Nexus smartphone.

Google and LG could not be reached for comment.


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