Hollywood embracing Instagram video


Don’t call it a trend just yet, but it seems the movie industry is taking a liking to Instagram’s new video feature.

Last month, Facebook introduced 15-second video recording for Instagram as a response to rival Twitter’s Vine service, which allows videos of up to six seconds. There may only be a nine-second difference, but those few extra moments are starting to make movie magic.

This week, the Ashton Kutcher-led Steve Jobs biopic, titled “Jobs,” was the first to roll out a movie trailer using the Instagram tool.


The mini-trailer, which is down below, is just a quarter of a minute long and a truncated version of the full-length trailer, but it does a good job promoting the upcoming film.

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But while “Jobs” is using Instagram video for a trailer, comedians David Koechner and Harland Williams are already making movies with it.

The two, which you know from “Anchorman” and “Half Baked,” respectively, used eight different Instagram video clips to put together what they claim is the first Instagram movie. You can see the first clip below.

The movie, a buddy-cop film, is called “Steady and Shakes” and was shot using an iPhone. It can be seen on Koechner’s Instagram page.

“We did it just because it was such a funny medium to work in,” Williams said. “It creates its own kind of comedic energy.”

Williams said it took them a team of nine people and eight hours to make the film. They had to use smartphones and laptops near the iPhone in order to add music and sound effects.

The actor called Instagram video “unforgiving” because it doesn’t allow for any editing. If a user shoots a video that has an issue, they must either start over completely or keep the mistake.

“If you make any errors, any mistakes, it’s all there,” he said. “There’s some where we started again, and some where you can hear and see the bloopers.”

Asked if he expects others in the industry to follow his and Koechner’s lead and make Instagram movies of their own, Williams said: “They can try, but let’s be honest, no one can get to close to this heat.”


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