Website reportedly shows Internet activity; 1.67 million emails per second

A website called One Second on the Internet shows just how busy the Internet can be.
(One Second on the Internet)

Ever stopped to wonder how many other people might have just Liked a post on Facebook, searched for something on Google or tweeted at the same time as you?

There’s a website that purportedly shows you what that looks like.

One Second on the Internet is a website that visually demonstrates just how busy the Internet may be every single second.

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The site starts by showing that every second a little fewer than 200 votes are cast on Reddit, but as users scroll down, Internet activity becomes far more expansive.

It shows that more than 450 Instagram pictures are shared, more than 825 Tumblr blogs are posted, and more than 1,000 Skype calls are made every second. By the time you get to tweets, Likes, watched YouTube videos and Google searches, the scrolling can start to feel like an eternity.

But what’s the busiest activity of all on the site? Email.

About 1.67 million emails are sent every second, according to the site. It doesn’t say how much of that is spam.


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