YouTube video claims to show rumored, low-cost plastic iPhone


Apple has been rumored to be working on a plastic, low-cost iPhone for quite some time now, so it was only a matter of time before a video claiming to show the device hit YouTube.

The 6.5-minute video called “New Low-Cost Plastic Apple iPhone: Sneak Peek” gives users an extended look at and explanation of what is allegedly the back cover for the rumored iPhone.

The phone’s shell shown in the video is just about the same size as the iPhone 5 but slightly thicker and wider. The video shows a white version of the plastic iPhone, but says it will probably be available in a variety of color options.


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According to the video description, the plastic iPhone will hit stores “around September 2013.”

Rumors of a low-cost, plastic iPhone have been rampant for months as many speculate that a device like it would be a way for Apple to grow its sales and market share in emerging countries, where demand for high-cost, premium devices like the iPhone 5 is small.

Already, we’ve seen other companies employ that type of strategy. Nokia, for example, announced the Lumia 625 earlier this week. That device features a large 4.5-inch screen as well as scaled back hardware so that it can be sold at a low price of $290.

Apple could not be reached for comment, but there’s a good chance the hardware in the YouTube video is legitimate.

The man in the video gives a shout-out to Sonny Dickson, thanking him for providing him with the plastic shell. That’s important because Dickson is a social media user who is known for posting pictures of upcoming Apple devices, such as the iPad mini, before they go on sale.



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