Love Lanai website reveals Larry Ellison’s plans for his island

We’ve all been there, right?

You’ve just bought your first Hawaiian island. Your own little slice of paradise.

But now what do you do with it?

Larry Ellison, billionaire, yacht racer, chief executive of Oracle Corp., has been grappling with this dilemma ever since he bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai back in June 2012.

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Now, however, he appears to have figured it out. And the recently launched Love Lanai website gives us a glimpse into his plans.

Among the highlights:

Ellison will be holding some international festivals on the island, including the Lanai International Film Festival in 2015. He’s creating a “sustainable leadership retreat.” And some notable luxury brands plan to open stores of some kind on the island.


But perhaps most importantly, the site emphasizes that the island is a place for singles and couples adventures, family adventures, and weddings and honeymoons.

The website is packed with gooey videos of people holding hands on sun-kissed beaches and people who are way more attractive than you frolicking in the surf or gazing longingly over the edge of cliffs.

Lanai is the sixth-largest Hawaiian island at 141 square miles. The island was once a a pineapple plantation and still has a small population. It also boasts two resort hotels and golf courses.

Ellison reportedly bought the island for more than $500 million, though that figure was never officially confirmed.

The previous owner was apparently losing buckets of money on the place. We’ll see if Ellison can do better.

But to help get the word out, Ellison is planning a new television series called “Lanai Beyond the Grid.” The show promises to be: “An inspiring exploration on sustainable leadership and how a little island can change the world by reminding us the most powerful force in human nature is, to care.”

“For Love Lanai, compassionate luxury is more than just a phrase, it’s an action of purpose,” reads the website. “Love Lanai introduces a collection of brands and events serving the local community, generating resources and providing a network of sustainable contribution.”

And best of all, you can get there on Island Air, the airline that Ellison bought last year.


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